GENERIC Use Correct Change Lamp 110Volt

GENERIC Use Correct Change Lamp 110Volt
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This is the entire assembly that goes into the coin casting and says USE EXACT CHANGE.

  the newer version looks a little different than the one in the picture it replaces, as it can now be used in more machines.

This lamp lights when the coin mech is low on coins to make change with. This light will not come on if there are no sodas in the machine holding down at least one of the sold out bars. To remove it use a flat blade screw driver from the back and press down on the top white edge. while doing this push it forward a little bit. It should tilt out the front of the casting and then can be removed from the front side. The new one pushes in from the front and snaps into place

. This universal size Exact Change lamp will fit all Single Price Dixie Narco and Vendo machines as well as some others.

While It will fit into the slot on a Royal machine, The new style now includes the adapter cord to use it in a Royal Soda Machine. (The Proper Royal Version is DLAA6420 )

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