COINCO Single Price Harness

COINCO Single Price Harness
Brand: CoinCo
Product Code: DLAA1189
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Price: $25.00
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This is the piggyback wiring harness that allows a Coinco BA30B or Coinco BA50B Dollar Bill Validator to be plugged into any single price coin mech that has the power plugs for Bill Validator. Thus no matter if your Soda Machine had a dollar bill validator in the past or not, even if there is no cut out for it, one can now be added. To install this, simply unplg the big 9 pin black plug, plug this in, and plug the coin mech back into the piggy back jack on this plug. Plug the flat white end into the botom of the control unit attached to the BA30B or BA50B Bill Validator. then plug the white power cord into which ever plug matches on the coin mech. There may be others left over unused. If there is already a mounting hole in the machine, just remove the cover plate and install the validator as is, or with a mounting bracket. If there is no hole, you will need to order the mounting bracket which will include a cut out diagram showing you where to drill and cut on your machine to fit the validator in.

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