CONLUX 5 Tube Cassette for CCM5G .05, .05, .10, .10, .10

Brand: Conlux
Product Code: DLAA1261
Availability: In Stock
Price: $92.00
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This is the interchangeable Cassette # 2 that goes into the CCM5G series of Coin mechs. CCM5G1, CCM5G2, CCM5G4 converting them to the equivilant of the otehrs. This allows you to reconfigure the change needs to match your individaul pricing strategy. No need to replace the entire coin mech, just pop out the existing cassette and snap this one into place, the coin mech recognizes the change and begins storing the proper coins for change. Cassette # 2 consiting of Two tubes of nickles, two tubes of dimes and one tubes or $20 Plus worth of quarters. This coin mech is ideal for replacing a change starved unit charging .55, .60, .65, .80, .85, .90 or even $1.05, 1.10, 1.15 No more running out of nickles and dimes just when your customer wants to purchase something.

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