DIXIE Soda Machine Drain Pan Needs DLAA1031

DIXIE Soda Machine Drain Pan   Needs DLAA1031
Brand: Dixie Narco
Product Code: DLAA1030
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Price: $15.50
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This is the newer Drain or Drip pan designed for use in the Dixie Narco Soda Vending Machines.

  It works better than the original pan in many of the other brands. It needs a set of 14 of the Sponges ( DLAA1031) . The drain hose from the cooling coils shelf can lay or plug into this drain pan. Replacing an old rusted drain pan will allow the condensation to evaporate faster and keep water off the floor, or the customers calling to complain that it is "leaking" This drain pan works better in the Vendo and Royal units than the original style that was in them, because of the deeper sides and the additional surface area created by the 14 upright sponges wicking the water up and allowing it to evaporate back out when the compressors evaporator fan blows air over it while cooling the B-coils or Hot coils.

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