Dixie Narco DN532-7 Vending Machine Repair Parts For Sale

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A Single Choice of Large Yellow Price Triangle Vinyl Sticker
Choice of 1 Large Yellow Triangle Size Soda Vending Machine Price Label, Self Stick Sticker for i..
DIXIE  Thermostat or Cold Control
This is the little black knob you see off on the right under the V-shaped Can chute. This control..
DIXIE Soda Machine Drain Pan   Needs DLAA1031
This is the newer Drain or Drip pan designed for use in the Dixie Narco Soda Vending Machines. ..
GENERIC Christmas Tree Trim-Retainer Clip Qty 3
This is the little flat black plastic thing you see sticking through the trim on the front door an..
GENERIC Set of 14 Sponge pads for Drain Pan  FITS DLAA1030
This is a full set of the 14 sponge pads required for the replacement drain or drip pan we sell D..
GENERIC Set of 4 Screw in Wheels for under Soda Machine
Soda Vending Machine wheels. Use caution when rolling a machine around on these wheels, as th..
Nut 8-32 Trim Nut Qty 10
This is the 8-32 nut used on the special screws which hold the trim in place. This nut is also use..
SCREW 8 x 32 x 1/2" Square Head T bolt
These Flat Head T-Bolts come in different lengths and are the special bolts which slide into the ..