GENERIC Set of 4 Screw in Wheels for under Soda Machine

GENERIC Set of 4 Screw in Wheels for under Soda Machine
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Soda Vending Machine wheels.

Use caution when rolling a machine around on these wheels, as they tend to act more top heavy.

To Install:  Use 3 2x4's screwed or nailed together in a stack approx 32" long and 6" tall.

  1. Tilt the machine to one side, and slide a stack under just inside of the legs.
  2. Now tilt the machine the other way and slide a 2nd stack under the other side, but turn this stack sideways sticking out from under the machine.
  3. This will give you relative safe access to the legs under the machine. NEVER WORK ON THE LEGS WHILE WHILE SOME ONE HOLDS THE MACHINE UP, You will sooner or later get your fingers or a hand crushed! Always have a helper there to help balance the machine while trying to move or work under it.
  4. Using a wrench the 4 adjustable legs get unscrewed from the bottom of the soda machine.
  5. Then these 4.5" Wheels can be screwed back in. this makes moving the machine about for cleaning and access much easier.

In some cases this ability will help you get an account, as they can roll it in and out if need be. Also makes it easier to deliver the machines as they can be rolled right down the hallway. It's best to use a pallet jack or something to bring them across the parking lot so as not to get sand embedded in these wheels. Capacity up to 700 lbs. per wheel / Roller 3" x 1 3/4" Black Polyolefin ( Industrial Plastic ) wheel. Wheel Brake Overall height is 4 1/4".

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