OD173 Snack Spiral 8 slot

OD173 Snack Spiral 8 slot
Brand: Genesis
Product Code: DLAA1369
Availability: In Stock
Price: $34.00
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This is one of the Snack or Entree Spirals,? it has the?Highest item capacity allowing bags of chips, cookies etc....? You can interchange these anywhere in the Snack or Entree section if you?more?smaller products. Before ordering this look at the back of the spiral and make sure you have BLACK Motors and a connector that looks like (DLAA1366)? If you have a different connector this spiral will not work, because you have an OD38 machine. (Use DLAA1099 if you have WHITE Motors.) AS of SEP 1 of 2012 The Genesis Company in new york has stopped answering the phone and appears to be out of business. We are currently able to get most parts for most of there machines.

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