GENESIS Motor for Spirals and Cans

GENESIS Motor for Spirals and Cans
Brand: Genesis
Product Code: DLAA6429
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Price: $62.00
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This is the motor that fits in the snack section and operates the spirals. To connect this motor to the spirals use the clear plastic Rotator (DLAA1366) This is also the motor that fits in the can drink sections and dispenses the sodas. Using Rotator? Nipple (DLAA1384) to connect to the Tetter Totter Assembly. It will not operate the Bottle sections (Use DLAA6430) This motor looks identical to the Bottle motor, but it makes a full 360degree rotation with each purchase. If you are having problems where you snack or can motor gives the customer a product one time then eats or skips the next purchase with nothing coming out. Then gives them a product on the third try but again vends nothing on the 4th. You probably have installed the wrong motor.

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