OD38 Complete Electronic Cooling Unit

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This is the complete cooling unit with shipping crate. For the Office Deli with WHITE motors. (It will not work in an OD173 with BLACK motors See DLAA1375))

There are two types for the White motors.    This is the newer model that has the electronic temperature controls and fits in a unit with a 901 Motherboard.

  ( If you need the one for the 243 board with the mechanical thermostat see DLAA1111 )


Includes Hot Coils, Cold Coils, (A/B Coils) Compressor, Mounting Sled, and of course is precharged with freon and ready to go. Any one with simple tools can easily remove the old one and install this new one, no service Technician or Freon Training required.

  Like all refrigerators and compressor units, if it gets tipped about more than 40 degrees in shipping or as you install it you should wait 24 hours with it sitting upright before plugging the unit back in. This gives the liquid and the gas freon time to seperate out and the oil to drain back down to the bottom where it should be. Failure to do this WILL SHORTEN the working life of the cooling unit and may actually break it within hours or days.

BEFORE REPLACING THE COOLING UNIT; Realize this unit is digitally controlled by the snack unit of the OD38 Office Deli. The soda unit WILL NOT GET COLD, the fans will run but the COMPRESSOR will usually NEVER KICK ON if it is not plugged into the snack unit and the snack unit must have electricity to power up the control board. Then and only then will the digital temperature control in the snack unit tell the compressor to turn on!

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