MEI EXCHANGE 6800 H single Price Soda Coin Mech Refurb w 6 month

Brand: Mei
Product Code: DLAA1182
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Price: $120.00
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These are the single price coin mechs with the 9-pin jones plug. This price is to EXCHANGE Your Broken one for A REFURBISHED UNIT, You must send in a 6800 or equivelent model to take advantage of this price. This replacement coin mech will fit in all of the single price soda machines made by Vendo, Dixie Narco and Royal as well as some other machines. Has various wires to allow for the use of a dollar bill validator as well, even if your machine never had one before. They come with a 6 month warranty. To change the price, simply unplug your machine. Look at the top of this coin mech, Pull out on the front of the little square funel. A section will hinge sideways. This is what happens when people press the coin return button on the front of you soda machine. This is how you clear a major coin jam. The insides of this, especially that little ledge need to be kept clean and clear of dust or debrie. Do not use any cleaners in it. simply clean with a damp rag. Let go of the funnel. Now look to the far left and right of the part that hinged open, there are two little levers, push up or pull down on both of these levers at the same time. While still holding the levers pull on the back of the square funnel this time and the entire top half of the coin mech should tilt forward. Behind this section you will see a row of little micro switches possibly a black or red box with little white switches, or a brown or black box with pairs of white and black levers. If you have white and black levers each color is a seprate switch. Starting with the first switch on the left it is worth .05 when turned on. Then they double. so the 2nd switch is worth .10 the third is worth .20 the fourth is worth .40 Turn on as many as you need to add up to the price you want to charge. Then close the coin mech back up. Plug the machine back in and it will read the new prices and reset all of the flavors of soda to that same new price. YOU CANNOT SET ANY OF THE COIN MECHS TO FREE VEND. The lowest they can go is .05. IF you want to go with a free vend you will need to see our how to section and add a switch and some wiring, or purchase one of our free vend kits that will convert the machine.

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