Terms & Conditions

St Louis Vending Parts has sought out and is selling thousands of hard to find repair parts that fit thousands of different machines.

    The listed price is the price we last sold that product for, and we intend to sell it to you for.  If we can no longer get the item at the price we were previously quoted we reserve the right to cancel the order or offer it to you at a higher price.  We normally still sell it to you at the listed price, but reserve the right not to.

   The items listed here are being pulled from more than 40 different warehouses in addition to our own.  We have no control over actual inventory levels and reserve the right to cancel any order and refund the original price if the product is no longer availalbe.

  Your credit card is run at the time the order is placed, even if that item is not in inventory in our warehouse.  A cancelation and refund is avaialble on all parts up until the time we ship it.  Individual parts priced over $50 or Orders priced over $200  will be considered Special order and will incur a 25% Cancelation fee if already in transit to us.

  If you receive a part that is not what you actually ordered, we will take care of exchanging it for free, or refunding your purchase.

  If you receive what you ordered, but it is not what you meant to get, we will attempt to work with you and get the correct part to you.  Buyer may be responsible for additional shipping charges, Buyer is repsonsible for returning the parts to us.  If the part costs more than $50 it will be considered special order and will incur a 25% restocking fee.

  Unless otherwise noted all Vending Machine Repair parts sold here are NEW according to the warehouse supplying them to us.  This does not mean older parts will not show dust/dirt and sometimes scratches from being stored and moved for many years.  Individual repair parts may have been assembled into assemblies and then dissasembled to sell that part and are still considered NEW if the assembly was never put into service.  They will have a 90 Day to 5 Year replacement warranty.

  Refurbished and Remanufactured have various meanings depending on what company actually did the work.  Assume this means it is a used item, that has been Checked, Cleaned, Tested, Possibly Painted or Repaired.  It is guaranteed to work and will come with a 90-365 day exchange warranty.

  Used and Pulls  are Parts that were removed from a machine that was normally in service and may have been scrapped or parted out.  These items are thought to be working but may not have been tested.  They may or may not be cleaned and or painted.  They are guaranteed to be in useable/working condition when you receive them.  They may be exchanged or refunded at our option depending on additional availablity for 30 days from purchase.

  Unless otherwise listed all items will have the lesser of the listed range of warranties above based on its newness status. 

  All assemblies or complete machines will have a "warranty" that consits of Parts exchange only, at your location, or parts and Labor if you return the unit to us.