Delivery Information

We ship vending machine repair parts all over the United States, Australia, and Canada as well as most other countries worldwide.

The Inventory Listed on the Website is telling you what is available, NOT WHAT IS IN STOCK.  Many items are in stock and will ship within hours of your order.

   The rest of the items are located in the Exchange Warehouses we are set up with or the original manufacture and factories that made the parts.  In most cases these parts are required to transfer here on weekly shipments, before we can send them out to you.  Drop shipping is not available.  These items will take 5-30 Days before they leave here.


IF YOU ARE ORDERING NEW PARTS FOR A Planet Antares, Purco, Purco Distributing, Genesis, Antares Vending, Edina, Antares, Office Deli, Or any of several other names that were part of this group of machines.  BE ADVISED, the marketing firms that sold the machines, The warehouses that stocked the machines,  The distributors which shipped the machines, The Importers, The factories that assembled them in the USA, the Warehouse in India, The Factory in China, The Warehouse in Michigan, The warehouse in New York, and the 27 Authoried Repair Centers ARE ALL OUT OF BUSINESS OR REFUSING TO SELL PARTS AND SUPPORT THESE MACHINES!  The other companies Still in Operation that used to sell parts have mostly stopped because of the headaches trying to get the parts and the uncertainty of when they will arrive!

  We never sold these Machines!  Apparently we are the only repair center in the USA that will work on these or that can obtain parts.  USED PARTS ARE NORMALLY IN STOCK and will ship in 3-10 days, after they are removed from machines.  NEW PARTS ARE OFTEN SPECIAL ORDER we frequently run out of any inventory on hand, then they ship out of here in 15 - 120 DAYS.  We have to special order them from the various factories that appear to have made the parts for these factories and Companies that are out of business.  a 30% Cancellation or Restocking Fee will apply if you cancel afer we have special ordered.  Once we special order we have no tracking or delivery info until it arrives at our location.  If we contact them the information we get is unreliable and useless.  WE WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR GETTING YOU THE PART OR REFUNDING YOUR MONEY EVENTUALLY BUT WE CANNOT DO ANYTHING TO SPEED THIS PROCESS UP OR TELL YOU WHEN IT MIGHT HAPPEN 15-120 days is a real estimate of when most parts are arriving.  Some actually cross the ocean in someone elses cargo containers and then get reshipped to us.  There does not appear to be any other way to get these parts and these hassels are why no other company appears to be making the effort to support your machines.

  Your account here should show the tracking info as soon as we ship it.  Likewise the Postal Service will send you tracking info when it ships.

  Otherwise feel free to call us and check on the status of your order, before or after you place it.  Our WINTER hours are Noon to Midnight Sun-Thursday Central Standard time USA.  MANY DAYS WE RECEIVE HUNDREDS OF CALLS MORE THAN WE CAN HANDLE, EMAIL IS FASTER.  Otherwise Please be patient we will call you back but it may be several days or a few weeks.