GENERIC Set of 14 Sponge pads for Drain Pan FITS DLAA1030

GENERIC Set of 14 Sponge pads for Drain Pan  FITS DLAA1030
Brand: Generic / Multiple
Product Code: DLAA1031A002
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This is a full set of the 14 sponge pads required for the replacement drain or drip pan we sell DLAA1030.

There are 14 slots in the bottom of each pan that hold the sponges upright and allow it to wick water up creating more surface area for better evaporation and condensation removal.

These sponges can also be used in the older style where they are threaded onto a rusty wire, though it is often easier and looks better to replace the pan as well. If your drain pan is leaking water onto the floor, replacing the sponges may help. You should also look at the vending machine and see how new air is getting inside the machine to produce this much condensation.

If the door was left open on a humid day while you stocked it, there may be nothing you can do other than to empty the pan once.  But if the delivery flap is not closing, or missing, or the seal around the front door is old and worn there may be a constant changeing of the air.  Replacing these old or broken parts may reduce the amount of humidity getting inside the machine, and thus the amount being dumped into the pan or onto the floor.

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