GENERIC Free Credit Kit Wire In

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FREE SODAS This is the kit that you can wire in to any of the single price soda machines, and rack up free Credits.?? If you do not have some mechanical skills then you need the plug in version (DLAA1287) This kit can be used with or with out a coin mech in place. Some kits or people set up the soda machine to always work on FREE just by pressing the selection button often by holding the relay closed all the time. This is actually a bad idea, as that feeds 110volt AC through circuits and parts that were only meant to have power in them for a few minutes. While unlikely that style could cause a minor fire hazard. This kit requires that you press a button to rack up a free credit, before pressing the selections button and getting a free soda.? Thus the circuits all have powere in them only for short periods of time as the manufacture originally designed them to do. This kit requires you to be able to trace a wire from a plug,? and then using pliers crimp a new wire into place, or cut, strip and wire nut a couple of wires into the circuit.?

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